1Customised varieties

Orchids created in response to your customers’ demand, by Sion.

Your customer - whether this is a florist, garden centre, supermarket or discounter - wants a fitting assortment. We are happy to apply our expertise in order to advise you with respect to the most suitable selection for your customer: from excellent standard varieties to exclusive colours. Our team of breeders and our worldwide collaboration with other breeders gives you access to every type of Phalaenopsis.

2The next step in Breeding

Stunning varieties unlike any others

Every day our breeders are passionately developing new Phalaenopsis varieties. By using state-of-the-art breeding techniques and strict selection criteria, they are obtaining stunning varieties unlike any others. Sion is a member of Breeding Accel, a group of prominent ornamental breeders. This platform provides us with an opportunity to share knowledge and research results about new breeding techniques.

3The Sion Trend Lab

Always innovating with Phalaenopsis to please tomorrow’s consumer: this is our mission!

We are taking the next step in this direction with the Sion Trend Lab at our company in De Lier, The Netherlands. The Trend Lab is where we launch our newest varieties and the latest consumer trends all year round. Here you can see how these trends are applied to concepts and uses for Phalaenopsis. We’re also developing something exclusively for our business associates: Sion's Trend Cards are simply indispensable when looking for inspiration. We hope to see you soon in our Trend Lab!

4The next step in Marketing

Let's become partners

Sion would be pleased to become your partner in marketing. We can provide you with marketing assistance by collective promotional activities and by sharing promotional material with you and your customer. Would you like to know more? Please contact Maarten Huisman: maartenhuisman@sion.eu, +31 (0)6 12 19 37 98.    


We help you on your way

Would you like to know how well your business strategy corresponds with your market? Thanks to our collaboration with – among others – Decorum, we have market and product segment knowledge available that we are happy to share with you, in order to help you make the right choices.

Equally, you can ask us about custom plant sizes or for advice on your cultivation climate.


All the information you require

Sion stands for transparency. We subject our varieties to extensive trials for your benefit and provide you with the findings. Furthermore, you can use Plantscout, a tool for evaluating and sharing information about the varieties, which gives an excellent insight.

For purposes of communication, we also offer you a Track & Trace service that provides the original plant names, laboratory of origin, transplant date plus unique numbers per tray. If you would like to be part of our decision making process as regards the varieties we breed, or would like to visit our production facilities, then please be our guest!

More information is available at www.plantscout.eu


The next step in orchids

The founder and owner of Sion, Eric Moor, has been a horticultural entrepreneur for more than 30 years. Sion stepped into the world of Phalaenopsis in 1988; since 1993 Sion has been breeding profesionally. Sion produces young plants at locations in the Netherlands and Brazil which are then distributed to growers throughout the world. Every day, our goal is to surpass our market’s expectations. Together with our network of growers we are always taking ‘The next step in orchids’.

Together we take orchids further!